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Catherine C
Q: Arent u married asked by Oscar Aranda
A: nope
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Jan. 31st, 2013 · Comment · Like · Ask Friends
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    • Lisa RABLD Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Me neither girl..But who knows what the future holds? If it's meant to be, it'll happen.
    • David Grave Jan. 31st, 2013
    • lOL i really shouldnt be laughing this much, its seriously unhealthy -_-
    • David Tipsword Jan. 31st, 2013
    • A Doll like You C. why ain't You , Beauty inside and out. Oh if only I were Younger ,,LOL :)
    • Catherine C Jan. 31st, 2013
    • I do have a boyfriend... we're not married.
    • Just Me Jan. 31st, 2013
    • LOL nope never been guessing im too picky
    • David Grave Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Aqua u should try to enjoy it than understand it xD
    • David Grave Jan. 31st, 2013
    • the last horror i saw wasnt this good :)
    • nathan decker Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Stupid questions are entertaining, legitimate ones, not so much.
    • James Hogg Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Hi i see this has a lot of comments i thought i would add one
    • JASON WEAVER Jan. 31st, 2013
    • guess that pic was misleading then well your cute
    • roy Entwistle Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Why do they have to get married if they are happy as they are why push them into getting married they will do it when they fell it's right for...
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    • JOHN DOE Jan. 31st, 2013
    • nathan decker Jan. 31st, 2013
    • I really wouldnt be talking about stupid grapes with a name like pringles bitches. Wtf
    • Shawna Smoka Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Issac Banks Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Hi Catherine!
      maybe I would be your man! and Would have you come see us!
    • Robert Bauzon Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Nope is the correct answer and your a WINNER !!!!!
    • Issac Banks Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Catherine you have a boyfriend!
      that is great!
    • - - Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Boyfriend
    • Robert Bauzon Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Holy She- ! I was reading all the comments. How did I get in this crap ? Must have hit the wrong comment box ! Yep that's it !
    • nono nono Jan. 31st, 2013
    • Lo bueno es que lo siente eso es vivir saludos
    • Larai Dreamcatcher Jan. 31st, 2013
    • @dan..agreed..way funny..especially shawna..not only spoutin ignorance on a subject having zero to do with her..but shouting it as well..chuckles.....
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    • Larai Dreamcatcher Feb. 1st, 2013
    • just sittin here chucklin at the feed..and the silly woman with the CAP lock issue!!! lmao
    • Edy Reynoso Feb. 1st, 2013
    • eoirfhewtuiwfgasiufgidupsgfuwigtorwhgoperhgipoghuiafgausfasf
    • Edy Reynoso Feb. 1st, 2013
    • me voy chau despues les rompo los huevos a todos jaja chau
    • Matthew Kc Feb. 5th, 2013
    • Hi , I got attracted to your profile while browsing through, I must be frank with you and say; you are looking quite cute and beautiful in your...
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    • BaBy RevelatioN Feb. 5th, 2013
    • nO sHe'Z nOt MarrieD, iF yA tHiNk sHe'Z lyinG. .. wHy wOuLd sHe liE aNd hER MaN iS oN tHe sAmE sitE & gOt hER iN hiS cOntactS =/
    • spike lemon Feb. 10th, 2013
    • I am newly separated and have been blessed with the oppty. to begin my life again !!!
    • Star Song Feb. 15th, 2013
    • not married but catherine and her bf very stable, guys. stop thinking of catherine.
    • Larai Dreamcatcher Feb. 15th, 2013
    • I know right...agreeing with Star..funny how some ppl take a person's being "involved" as a red flag ..that seems to challenge them to TRY to...
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    • Johneric Patey Feb. 15th, 2013
    • Not thinking of her Star Song.Its just that i keep on getting these notifications from "MeetMe" in my email inbox.MAKE IT STOP!LOL
    • Star Song Feb. 16th, 2013
    • Johneric, we are all catherine cook's friends. as long as we are her friends, it's normal that we can collect notifications.
    • Star Song Feb. 16th, 2013
    • People....even if you want girlfriend, dont try to make a dating girl dump her boyfriend.

      it's evil to steal a girl from her boyfriend, if you...
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    • Larai Dreamcatcher Feb. 16th, 2013
    • the really tragic part to the person being if they take the bait..90% of the time it's the chase/challenge..and NOT the catch..or...
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    • Star Song Feb. 17th, 2013
    • Larai you and I have our own moral rules, but most men who are single esp. online males, they want girls divorce and dump their own man for them,...
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    • Star Song Feb. 17th, 2013
    • most online males are terrible people who only wants girls leave their bf/.husbands. yup those rubbish men, shame all men in world.
    • Larai Dreamcatcher Feb. 17th, 2013
    • i have to then ask those very they would feel if it were THEIR wives or gf if they HAD one..were gettin hit on shamelessly after being...
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    • Star Song Feb. 18th, 2013
    • most men here do not know what is the meaning of MORAL and LOYALTY. they only want to steal people's wives. Larai. we have morals but THEY DO...
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    • Star Song Feb. 18th, 2013
    • they not understand what is DATING GIRL, they only want girls to **** with themselves. even my wife got harassed by ramazan ekici when she is...
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    • Star Song Feb. 18th, 2013
    • men are cheap because the girl has her bf, they still want her to leave bf for them, aren't those rubbish men cheap?
    • Star Song Feb. 18th, 2013
    • Larai, I wonder if those men are really human being.

      they only try all their best to steal people's gf/wife
    • Star Song Feb. 18th, 2013
    • Larai, thanks for so over looking me, friend request sent to you, Like you, I am married with my wife Olivie. Olivie and I are even 9 yrs ma...
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    • Larai Dreamcatcher Feb. 18th, 2013
    • hugss hon...thank the add request..and your welcome..most of the men ive met so far in here respect that im married..but i have a pretty...
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    • Star Song Feb. 18th, 2013
    • Larai - you can talk and speak to me, as long as your husband not mind.......being married is different than being singled
    • Star Song Feb. 18th, 2013
    • being single you can find opposite sex as frequent as you want, but when you got lover, or even, spouse/husband/wife.......yup it's difficult...
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    • Larai Dreamcatcher Feb. 19th, 2013
    • chuckles ..well no drama here..just someone askin me if it's cool to talk to a married person..IE yes..its ok to talk to me..i...
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    • Morena Paez Feb. 19th, 2013
    • Morena Paez Hace 23 minutos monica Deolinda my mom can not enter the profile, aunq 'already confirmed your account 8 times .. I write this I...
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